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30 Minutes Walking Testimony - Obedience, Time, Consistency & Duplication

30 Minutes Walking Testimony - Obedience, Time, Consistency & Duplication

While on my 30 Minutes walk today in my neighborhood I started to get tired half way in as I was approaching a bench on the sidewalk. The day before when I got tired I sat on that bench for one minute to rest after 20 Minutes of walking. So, today the same voice told me I am tired I will not make it Take a break and sit on the bench. I said I have to push through but my body was giving out, I felt like a panic attack was coming on.

I immediately started saying my affirmation. I can do it, I am chosen by God who created the universe (not the new age universe), I am the head and not the tail, I am above and not beneath, I am the lender and not the borrower, I am a money magnet, I am a champion - why? Because everything I touch turn to gold.

And immediately after saying all that my tiredness was gone I felt strong as an ox. I was able to not only complete the 30 Minutes I did 8 Minutes extra that is a ***victory*** (everything over my goal is a victory for me). When I completed my walk I was not tired. To God be the glory. He is so faithful, he gave me the strength when I remember who he said I am.

I also was focusing on the word success. It came to me that success really cost. It will cost you something. It will cost you:

Time - what do you do with your time each day. How do you prioritize.

Money - invest in yourself. What are you listening to, reading, eating.

Believe - do you believe that you are enough. All it take is one yes.

Why - is your reason bigger than yourself. Why do you wake up every morning.

Just to name a few. While I was focusing on success I was also listening to reggae music, the upbeat keep me pushing when I exercise. Yes reggae (for the super saints) I do understand that we have to be careful to what we listen to because some things has spirits attached to them. God speak to me too oookkk, so I know when the spirit convicts and say not that song. I say this to say that while walking and listening to reggae music my mind was not on the words of the song my mind was on success, that was were my thought process was.

It came full force that obedience, time, consistency and duplication is  key.

Obedience: we have to be obedient to the will of God. Listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit that speaks to us every day.

Time: Value your time. Lets others respect your time.

Consistency: anything you do for more than 30 Days is a lifestyle. Find what works for you and Keep doing it over, and over again. Don’t quit.

Duplication: you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Listen to your coach they have done it and prove that it works. They are your example.

Once you keep these in mind you will keep pushing. Remember we don’t rely on our own strength because we will fail. Rely on the strength of God and you will succeed. Keep running this race where there are no losers. Unlike the physical race that has winners and losers.

God Bless!

Lisa Rodney

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